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Seattle, WA

Finding herself suddenly unemployed, Sarah* was afraid of losing her home at Creston Point. Overwhelmed and knowing that she needed help with basics like food and utility number of needs on top of covering her rent and finding a new job, she wasn’t sure where to turn. Thanks to their partnership with OC Housing Partners, the staff at Creston Point knew just where to send Sarah.

With one quick email, Sarah connected with Kevin from the Housing Partners team and learned that within the day she’d have help connecting with the resources she needed. The list even came in a hard copy, after Sarah admitted to feeling less than tech-savvy. Kevin didn’t hesitate to get Sarah the tools she needed in the form that worked for her and let Sarah know her Housing Partners were just a call or click away if she needed anything else.

Lynnwood, WA

After unexpectedly missing some work Jacob* found himself behind on bills. He knew that there were some local agencies that may be able to help, he called some agencies and researched out the best he could but he could not find any resources that he qualified for.

A leasing staff at Mill Pointe informed Jacob of TenantConnect services. He called Kevin with TenantConnect to see if there were any additional resources he was unable to find. Kevin took the time to assess Jacob’s household and resources that may support him. Kevin learned that in Jacob’s household he had an adult daughter and grandchild. After learning this information Kevin took time to research options available to Jacob’s household with the additional information they had spoken about. He was able to find and inform Jacob of those resources that aided with him to catch up on his bills. TenantConnect services take time to “drill down” with residents to find other services that may get overlooked.

Redmond, WA

The West* Family was meeting with the leasing staff at Redmond Ridge to go through the application process for a three-bedroom apartment home. They mentioned to the leasing staff that they were currently experience housing displacement and were new to the area with no knowledge of the local resources that may be available to them. The leasing staff encouraged the West family to connect with TenantConnect staff for support with local resource and referral.

After a short phone call with the TenantConnect staff, The West Family was provided a number of resources including where they may get household items to get reestablished once they move into their new apartment home.

The TenantConnect Staff was able to explain how many of the local programs work and how to navigate the enrollment process for The West Family to access them.

*All names changed due to client privacy

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Bellingham, WA

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